Those who abuse animals

Articles from all over the world


In Memory of 

ALL Animal Victims


A tribute to  

"Puppy Doe"





Helping Hands - How YOU can Help


Learn of the many creative ways YOU can help animals and the best part is... most wont cost you a dime!  


Animal Rights Activists


A tribute to those on the front lines, the soldiers of the cause, who put their own lives and freedom at risk, in their relentless efforts for the Animals





Including Travel, Legal, Directories, Education, Shopping, Restaurants, etc., etc.

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Reporting Animal Abuse


Where and how to report Animal Abuse

Animal Cruelty Status


See News Reports on the Status of Animal Cruelty from around the World




USA is facing an ongoing epidemic of family pets being murdered by police. This page provides links and information on everything you will need to know about  - When Cops Kill Dogs



A Salute to Human Heroes for Animals 


A salute to the brave and caring "everyday" humans who have taken the time to do something special, something worthwhile or heroic, in the cause of animals.


Vegan Corner


Which ingredients are Vegan?  

Find out which ingredients in your food, cosmetics, household products etc.,  are Vegan.  

What you can use as a substitution for dairy or eggs in cooking, baking, etc.  Plus a few simple Vegan Recipes

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Videos of Animal Rights Speeches and Events